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Aerospace / Mech Engg at Urbana or UCDavis (Student: C)

Student C has received admission into Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering programs at Urbana Champaign, Purdue, Georgia Tech, UC Davis and RPI.

He really wants to go to Urbana, but he thinks UCD will be a lesser expensive, closer-to-home, better weather, and not-that-competitive option.

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Discussion on financing of college education

Please share your comments for parents and students to consider and ponder over, based on your own experience.


Computer Engg at UCR, UCSB and UCM (Student: S)

Student received admission into Computer Engg at UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara and UC Merced. She really wants to go to UCSB, but studying at UCSB is a bit more expensive than UCR and UCM.

Student also received Business Administration at Cal Poly Pomona and CSU-East Bay (supposedly best in the country for Business Administration).

Student also is appealing to UCI (for BA in Business Admini) and UCD (B.S in Managerial Economics).

Please share your thoughts. 

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BioMed / Molecular Biology at UCD or Cal Poly or UCB ? (Student: B)

Student B has received the following admissions for Fall 2009:

1) UCBerkeley College of Letters and Science (Biochem and Molecular Biology)

2) UCSD – Bio-Engg/Pre-Med

3) UCD – Bio-medical

4) Cal Poly SLO – Bio-medical

5) Case Western – Bio-medical

6) UCI – Bio-medical

Q1) Student is interested in picking one among the first 4 programs, taking graduate admissions, future job and career prospects, into consideration.

Q2) UC Berkeley could be extremely competitive compared to UCD. So, getting a 3.8 GPA might be easier in UCD than at UCB. So, is it better to go to a slightly less competitive school and do very well, or go to UCB, for better chances with graduate admissions, career prospects?

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