Aerospace / Mech Engg at Urbana or UCDavis (Student: C)

Student C has received admission into Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering programs at Urbana Champaign, Purdue, Georgia Tech, UC Davis and RPI.

He really wants to go to Urbana, but he thinks UCD will be a lesser expensive, closer-to-home, better weather, and not-that-competitive option.

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  1. Ranga said,

    April 14, 2009 @ 10:17 am

    Congratulations on great admissions, Student C!

    As for the deliberation between UCD and Urbana-
    1) UCD will definitely be closer to come, and since it is a public university, the cost will be significantly lower, and obviously no snow! These are definitely important aspects to consider- depending on your family’s financial status, your desire to remain close to home.

    2) As a former advisor at UCD, I can attest to the fact that engineering will not be less challenging at UCD than at Urbana. This is a common misconception considering that UCD is typically known more for its biomedical engineering and stricter sciences (ie biology, plant biology, etc) However, the engineering department at UCD is impacted and if you do attend UCD and leave the engineering department, getting back in is much more difficult than one would think.
    Perhaps points to consider in this decision might include-
    a) size of classes
    b) types of classes offered
    c) summer/ school year internship opportunities
    d) if you’re interested, opportunities to study abroad
    e) 4-5 year graduation rates

    I cannot speak to Urbana’s engineering department, so I’ll steer clear of any comments there!

    3) Best of luck!

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