Career Planning Programs

TPA's objectives for our Career Planning & Mentoring Programs are:

a) Teach our students the basics of Career Planning Principles and Methodology, and

b) Guide our students to develop insights into their strengths, talents, values and thereby develop a career purpose and a career roadmap

c) Connect our students with mentors - senior students as well as industry professionals - to receive personalized guidance on career paths, skills to be acquired to lead particular careers and developing actionable career plans

TPA has clearly been a thought leader in this area, and has offered Career Planning workshops and Industry Awareness Seminars for high school and college students. Through these workshops and seminars, we bring professionals representing different careers, to share their own career stories with the students. Our programs are designed to show students how to

a) Become Aware of various career opportunities,

b) Start paying Attention to global economic, technology and social trends,

c) Take Action to achieve one's career goal.

Check our Events page for upcoming events, and our Multimedia page for viewing videos and photos from past events.

SPECIAL NOTE: TPA's founding Chairman and CEO, Dr. Ravishankar Gundlapalli has also founded a new company called MentorCloud a social-media platform to connect aspiring students, entrepreneurs and professionals with suitable mentors and resources, globally.